Kortney and Steve


Steve is a musician and singer who played his first paid show in 1980.  Steve met Kortney by way of the Bandmix.com website.  The original plans were to start practicing in the fall and maybe start playing shows around the holidays.

Plans change...  when Steve's previous partner was stranded in Myrtle Beach and unable to make it back for a show commitment, he called Kortney, and she showed.  Without ever singing together, they put together a really solid three hour show.  Steve knew he had found someone special. 

After multiple shows together, there is a much higher degree of trust and comfort and the music has become special.  They both have amazing range, and not just vocal low note to high note range.  Kortney can comfortably jump from Evanescence, to Carole King, to Cyndi Lauper, to Dolly Parton, and Steve will play and sing big band music, and follow it up with Cage the Elephant.  So what can you expect musically at their shows.   You are going to hear music from the last one hundred years, from Rock, Country, Pop, Broadway, and Movies.  

Kortney and Steve share a firm belief that good music is just that.  If it is a well written song, it can be performed with an acoustic guitar and two voices, even if it was written for a rock band, big band or orchestra.

This duo is fun, and maybe a little bit looney tunes.  Don't let the crazy fool you.  When they sing they can pull on your heart, make your toes tap, make you laugh, and give you chills.